Message in a bottle

This is a small white and green plastic container, freely available for use by vulnerable people of any age, who may additionally live alone. The bottle contains all the medical details of the person in the house. The container is kept in the fridge to which a Green Cross Sticker is attached. There will also be a Green Cross Sticker on the access door to the house, which tells any of the rescue services that the container is available. THIS SCHEME IS RECOGNISED BY ALL THE EMERGENCY SERVICES INCLUDING ST JOHN’S AMBULANCE BRIGADE.

The Huddersfield Club in conjunction with all the other clubs in the area has distributed over 30,000 of these containers throughout Kirklees.

Senior Citizens’ Concert

This is an annual concert held in the Huddersfield Town Hall on either the 1st or 2nd Monday in June.

In recent years we have had LB Brass and The New Mill Male Voice Choir to entertain the audience.

The concert commences at 7pm and finishes by 9pm to allow people to catch the last buses home.


Senior Citizens’ Party

This use to be the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party, however to encourage our guests to attend the party, the Lions took the decision to move the event to June and the lighter nights.

The party is held on a Saturday in June at Almondbury Methodist Wesley Hall over lunchtime. We start with a game of Bingo followed by lunch, which is usually a full three course meal, with the main course a salad.

The afternoon is concluded by a local concert party, who entertain us for about an hour.

The Party finishes at about 3.30pm.

Community Service

We try to serve the community of Huddersfield in as many ways as we can, offering transport for the elderly and infirm, financial support to a number of people who find themselves in need. Any letters, which appeal for our help, are considered at our monthly business meeting and appropriate action is taken.